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HER WHEY: Gluten-free protein


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For too long protein has been designed his way.  Well, we designed protein HER WHEY!

Her Whey- The Ultimate Lean Protein

  • 28 g whey isolate protein
  • Added Amino Acids, BCAAs for Recovery
  • Curbs appetite
  • Enhance lean muscle gains and recovery

It's about time that women have a nutritional protein drink designed for them!  Her Whey is a gluten free, lean whey isolate protein drink that is scientifically formulated to promote lean muscle growth, enhance muscular recovery, and fuel your muscles for high intenstiy training!  Her Whey contains highly bioavailable whey isolate protein which digests and absorbs rapidly, creating the perfect post workout recovery drink.

Supplementing with Her Whey on a daily basis supplies you with important macronutrients that promote a lean body composition, curbs appetite and promotes muscular recovery.  Her Whey ingredients also give you a healthy dose of vitamins, minerals, and amino acids to put back into your body the nutrients you need for optimal performance and well-being.

Her Whey for weight loss:

When you are having a sweet tooth or carb craving, take Her Whey as a lean protein that will help keep your blood sugar levels stabilized.

Our low carbohydrate blend with added fiber will leave you satisfied for longer and help curb junk food cravings!

Each serving of Her Whey is loaded with:

  • Low calorie, gluten-free, whey isolate protein for rapid absorption into your muscles!
  • A mega dose of vitamins and minerals!
  • Over 9 g glutamine and 5 g of BCAAs to enhance muscular recovery!
  • 28 g of the highest quality whey isolate protein!

FAQ with IFBB Figure Pro and NLA for Her athlete Jessie Hilgenberg

1) What type of supplement is Her Whey and what are its health benefits?

Her Whey is a great-tasting, high-quality whey protein powder supplement that can be used any time of the day. It has a balanced mix of fast and slow digesting proteins so you get a slow release of nutrients when you don't need them immediately absorbed, and a quick release of nutrients when you're body needs them fast—after workouts, for example.* I supplement with Her Whey three times per day—right when I wake up, immediately post workout and right before bed. Right when I wake up my body utilizes most the quick digesting proteins after a long night of fasting. Immediately after a workout my body also utilizes the quick digesting proteins and also the large dose of glutamine for recovery included in every serving. Before bed my body utilizes the slow digesting protein to release protein for several hours after I've gone to sleep. I haven't been able to find a protein that is sugar and gluten free, has the proteins I need, tastes amazing AND has glutamine! I love this stuff.

2) How can Her Whey help you achieve your fitness goals?

Her Whey can help you achieve your fitness goals by helping you get in enough protein every day, the right proteins at the right times, a small dose of very healthy, medium-chain triglycerides and glutamine for recovery.* Her Whey also bakes and mixes very well so you can make any treats to satisfy a sweet tooth while staying on track with your clean eating lifestyle.


Directions for Use:

Consume one serving of HER WHEY protein in the morning, in between meals, and after workouts for optimal results and lean muscle gains!  HER WHEY is the perfect way to satisfy a midday sweet tooth, blend into your ultimate protein smoothie, or flood your muscles with essential nutrients after training sessions.

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